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The fortunes - you've got your troubles

The group's next two singles, Gordon Mills 's co-composition "I Like the Look of You" and a revival of " Look Homeward Angel " — like the initial brace of releases overseen by the American record producer Shel Talmy — also failed to chart. Their fifth release, the Roger Greenaway / Roger Cook number, " You've Got Your Troubles " (1965), reached Number 2 in the UK Singles Chart [2] and was a worldwide hit , including reaching Number 1 in Canada and the American Top 10. Their next two singles were " Here It Comes Again ", a UK Number 4, and "This Golden Ring" a UK Number 14. These sold well, but each less than the previous release. When Glen Dale left in 1966 he was replaced by Shel McCrae. [1] Three more singles ("You Gave Me Somebody to Love", "Is It Really Worth Your While?" and "Our Love has Gone") all failed to chart.

“Cosell’s celebrity was so vast that genuine stars clamored to get in the booth with him,” Tony Kornheiser wrote in the Washington Post , shortly after Cosell’s death in 1995. “You’d be watching a game, and all of a sudden there was Cosell jawing with Burt Reynolds or Glen Campbell. He became a world-class name-dropper. There was “breakfast with Liza,” and “cocktails with Kissinger.” Cosell shilled like crazy. He was a carnival barker, luring us into the tent to see the naked dancers (then sometimes shaming us for watching, like with a football rout or a one-sided bout, until he chucked boxing altogether after the 1982 Larry Holmes-Tex Cobb fiasco); he fell helplessly in love with the tacky “Battle Of The Network Stars,” an absurd athletic competition among jiggly TV starlets and prime-time pretty boys.”

"Your fortune cookies were absolutely perfect for our birthday party! My brother even got a little choked up when he saw the personalized messages inside."

The Fortunes - You've Got Your TroublesThe Fortunes - You've Got Your TroublesThe Fortunes - You've Got Your TroublesThe Fortunes - You've Got Your Troubles