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Prince alla - mek she gwan

How did the idea come up to produce Run Come? What's the journey of the album?
First I must say Ras Tafari give thanks for life, give strength, give thanks for you, for Lennart , for all the bredrin and sistren that come from Ras Tafari live! This LP now will soon be out, and it's Lennart who made it happen. I think I met him first in England at Freedom Sound . He is a good bredrin! We met again at Reggaejam three years ago, and some producer wanted a song from me, a dubplate, and him introduce me and from there we start to grow, you know. So when I came to record the dubplate, Lennart played me some of his riddims and told me that he had a label. And I wanted to do some new stuff anyway, and here was this bredrin telling me ' I have a label, I have the riddims, let's do it! ' (laughs). Serious thing, and it worked out really nice. Rastafari! So this LP coming out now, I feel it will be one of my best LPs. Because some of the songs them, I really feel them. Like when I did the song Stone from that time, and I'm very thankful for that. I'm glad!

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Prince Alla - Mek She GwanPrince Alla - Mek She GwanPrince Alla - Mek She GwanPrince Alla - Mek She Gwan